A documentary about yoga at Brians 1 Penitenciary of Barcelona


As the bars opens, another way to understand what is it to be imprisoned is also opened.


The prison, made of walls and fences, encloses the individual physical freedom as we understand it, but there is another kind of freedom: the freedom of the mind, body and spirit.


The mind is imprisoned by our thoughts and our conception of the world, the body is imprisoned by tension, stiffness and inflexibility.


The practice of yoga through movement, breathing and meditation, leads us to release from this inner prison and open to change, to personal transformation.


In 2010 Catalan prisons opened their doors to the NGO World Prem to start the Breathe Joy Program, which offers free yoga classes to people without resources and social exclusion. Since then many people have lived this experience.


Freedom Behind Bars bring us closer to the lives of several of the inmates who participate in the weekly yoga classes and that in summer of 2013 where part of an intensive yoga program of 40 consecutive days of yoga from World Prem. Men and women of different nationalities and with different histories, show us how yoga has touched their hearts, joined in a common quest: freedom behind bars.


A documentary of:

World Prem & Korovo Films

Realized by: Elisabet Sort and Octavi Royo

Produced by: Anna Traginer y Daniela Troconis Daly


Music, in order of appearance:

Siri Mantra - Carola Zafarana

Impro - Carola Zafarana

Riu Brugent - Canimas

Wahe Guru Wahe Jio - Alexia Chellun

Jay Bhagavan - Manu Om y Mina Petersson

Yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón - Carola Zafarana (Cover Fito Paez)






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