World Prem in a non-profit organization that was born on july od 2010, dedicated to bring the positive benefits of yoga to people without resources and in social exclusion, with the objective of improving their pshysical and mental health.


We aim yo inspire a change in our communities, to lay the foundations of a society committed to changing the world through individual transformation.


Our work focuses on two main aspects:


We promote individual change bringing the tools offered by yoga to people who otherwise would not have access to them, in order to transmit than everyone creates their own reality and, therefore, as each person changes internally, this transformation will be reflected in your environment.


We promote integration, as we approach yoga teachers to the reality of people without resources and social exclusion and invite them to do the work as volunteers for their community, making real the idea that everyone has to be part of change that want to see in the world.

We do our work in Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with organizations such as the  Department of Justice, and several NGOs that allow us to reach groups of people with mental and physical disabilities, people with borderline intelligence, inmates in prisons, people with drug addictions,  people in rehab for drug dependence, elderly people with few resources, teenage mothers with babies, sex workers and abused women.


The work of World Prem in the four prisons in which it works is covered under a cooperation agreement signed with the Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2010 and that has allowed us to work seamlessly over five centers in Catalonia throughout this period.


Hemos llegado a formar un equipo de más de 45 voluntarios que colaboran ofreciendo las clases en los diferentes centros con los que colaboramos y a través de los cuales llegamos anualmente a alrededor de 280 personas.


We have come to form a team of over 45 volunteers who offer classes in the different centers we collaborate with  and through which we annually reach to about 280 people.


Our organization is financed by small individual donations and a lot of hours of volunteer work from people eager to collaborate.


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